Sarah Bergeron-Larouche


Maximum performance, minimal footprint. Creating the world’s finest running apparel, capable of meeting the demands of the toughest trail races on the planet, whilst not damaging it in the process. Balancing elite performance and an unshakeable environmental foundation requires serious consideration.

As part of this, we have been thinking a lot how we’d like to work with a handful of athletes in a different way to the established global running powerhouses.

For us it is completely antithetical to say ‘here’s a fast runner, they wear Chance, buy our kit’ and much more interesting to build relationships that seek to use running as a platform to maximise environmental impact. Our company mission is ‘to positively impact the world through running’ and we want our partners to share this journey with us.

With this in mind, we’re delighted to welcome the first elite athlete into the Chance family: Sarah Bergeron-Larouche.



Sarah is a trail runner, coach and chiropractor from Québec, Canada with an incredible palmarès including wins at Ultra-Trail Harricana and Quebec Mega Trail in Canada, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50km in New York and California and numerous other Sky Races and Ultras across North America, as well as superb showings further afield.


Sarah Chance Running


Sarah got her hands on some of our products at a soon-to-be-announced stockist and we got chatting about working together and challenging the status-quo of athlete / brand relationships in the running world.

It has been inspiring to chat with Sarah about our respective aims, what this partnership might look like and how it might evolve over the coming years. Central to this is going to be an environmental commitment from both sides; a journey that we will share with the running community - small actions and shared stories that can inspire meaningful change in the sport.

In the immediate term, Sarah will be moving to our hometown of Girona for a couple of months to train with us in our Gavarres playground, take on some European races and build for what we are sure will be an epic season including Canyons 100k, QMT80, Squamish 50 and UTHC (plus hopefully a trip to Chamonix at the end of August...)

Join us in welcoming Sarah to the family and stay tuned for much more in the weeks and months to come. We’re all coming at this with a curiosity and openness to learn that we have no doubt will yield something special.


Sarah athlete of Chance Running
Written by Christian Meier

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