Our Run Wild series is a canvas for free-wheeling aesthetic exploration - an open-ended collaboration with creators of any discipline with one guiding principle: to seek inspiration outside of our norms, to make us think differently about Chance and the world of running. For our first foray, we hand the reins to Jojo Harper.

Jojo Harper is an award winning documentary photographer based between London and Girona. Her intimate, distinctive style has earned numerous accolades including National Geographic’s Photographer of the Year. Jojo’s clients include some of the biggest industry names in sport, such as Rapha, Maurten, Lululemon, Specialized and Trek. Described as ‘unimposing’, she makes her subjects feel comfortable and in doing so captures truly candid moments. Here’s what she has to say about the shots:

Aleix Ferrer for Chance, shot in the home studio. Aleix is a great photographer himself, so I asked his opinion on which colour backdrop to use, as we had 4 to choose from! He felt that yellow would work with the kit and I think he was right.This was my second ever shoot in a studio, so I am very new to it. I had the final image in mind, but I needed some help from my lighting man ( Oliver Grenaa ) to achieve it! I wanted to use direct light, creating shadows making for a harsher image. In terms of what I told Aleix to do… I wanted a post work out feel, so he came straight from a run and then was doing intervals up and down our road, which still didn’t make him sweat, so he sprayed himself with water.I told him to do what he would do naturally after a run, although for sure he was working it for the camera too :)Did I get the result I wanted…. My work is never good enough in my eyes, but if its good enough for Chance to use then thats ok with me.”
Written by Christian Meier

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